4 September 2011

Take Three @ TFE: Season 2 Wrap-up

My Take Three column (the Sunday Film Experience series which looks at three notable performances from a supporting or character actor's career) has finished until February next year. But, until then, here's the intro and a handy link to a wrap-up post of all 24 write-ups from season 2.

Last Sunday’s ‘Take Three’ on Paul Dano was the last edition for a while. I’ve enjoyed writing season 2 a great deal. I hope they've been interesting to read, too. The series resumed in March with Marisa Tomei, an actress who has been doing some her best work in recent years; similarly, Barbara Hershey has seen a keen resurgence in her career recently, particularly with Black Swan; and Judy Davis, quiet on the big screen over the last few years, will again be a name on everyone’s lips with new movies due soon. Writing about Shelley Duvall and Isabella Rossellini was sheer pleasure. They're two actresses who have uncommon elegance, with quirks and kinks on the side in everything that they do...

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