28 October 2011

Links to LFF: Early One Morning, Snowtown and Last Screening

Here are another three reviews of new films I saw at the 55th BFI London Film Festival. Again they are capsule, or mini, reviews, like with the ones I wrote on Pariah and Weekend last week). This trio - two from France, one Australia - are films that depict violent acts and unhinged minds and the circumstances that create them. The full reviews can be read in the link below at The Film Experience.

Snowtown: It’s a study of evil’s many rhizomic strands, throbbing with a pulse that beats in an unnervingly measured, dark manner. It charts the late-1990s murder of eleven people by serial killer John Bunting (Daniel Henshall) in the small title town. Bunting forms a disastrous fatherly relationship with Jamie (Lucas Pittaway), the teenage son of his lover Elizabeth Harvey (Louise Harris). The bravely headlong approach to the infamous story of Australia’s worst murder case is handled with breathtaking confidence and fluency of image...

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