13 April 2012

Interview: Travis Mathews / Review: I Want Your Love

Last week I was asked by Fringe! Film Festival to interview director Travis Mathews and review his debut film, I Want Your Love.

Jesse Metzger in I Want Your Love

This week sees the return of the Fringe! Gay Film Festival to East London. From the 12th to the 15th of April a wide range of films (new features, experimental shorts, premieres) are showing alongside a host of parties, shows and events. This year’s opening film was I Want Your Love, Travis Mathews’ (In Their Bedroom – Berlin) poignantly affecting and intimately explicit debut feature. It stars Jesse Metzger as Jesse, a love-lost San Francisco performance artist about to leave his life and career frets behind for a fresh start in Ohio. We see him hang out with friends, and follow how their lives reflect, and differ from, Jesse’s as they prepare to throw him a leaving party...

 Travis Mathews, director of I Want Your Love

Read the interview and review here at The Film Experience

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