14 October 2012

LFF 2012: Antiviral (Brandon Cronenberg/2012)

More London Film Festival reports. Here's a conversation I had with David (from Victim of the Time film blog) on Brandon Cronenberg's striking debut feature Antiviral, showing this week at the LFF.

Craig: It’s all about celebrity skin in Antiviral as characters indulge in, ahem, the pleasures of the flesh in one form or another. This being the first feature from David Cronenberg’s son Brandon, I perhaps expected a plentiful supply of gratuitous bodily harm. Having no idea prior to seeing the film just what it was about – all I knew was that it was partially set in a mysterious clinic for the stars – the film came as a minor revelation: not only because, for a debut feature, the filmmaking was of an uncommonly high calibre, but also because the most interesting Cronenberg film this year wasn’t brought to us by the oldest member of the clan...

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