13 October 2012

LFF 2012 Review: Black Rock (Kate Aselton/2012)

Head over to The Film Experience for another review from the 56th BFI London Film Festival: Kate Aselton's survival drama Black Rock.

Lake Bell, Kate Aselton and Kate Bosworth in Black Rock

It’s certainly a bad day at Black Rock for Kate Bosworth and her two BFFs. Director/co-star Kate Aselton and Lake Bell both cherish Bosworth’s friendship  but they have their own shaky history festering between them like an open sore. The three women go for a ‘last hurrah’ camping trip to the titular retreat with treasure hunts and restorative bonding in mind. That’s until they chance upon a trio of ex-soldiers, not long back from Helmand Province, on a suspicious shooting trip...

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