16 December 2010

Three Takes Only (Pt 4)

The first series of my Take Three columns over at The Film Experience has ended for a Christmas and Oscars/awards season break. So here are links to all the actors and actresses featured in the series from where I left off last time in the previous Three Takes Only round-up post. (Click on names for links to articles)

David Warner
From Beyond the Grave, The Omen, The Man with Two Brains

Kim Basinger
Batman, L.A. Confidential, The Burning Plain

Harry Dean Stanton
collective work for David Lynch, Alien/Wise Blood, Paris, Texas

Melissa George
Mulholland Dr., George horror/thriller round-up, Triangle

Terence Stamp
Teorema, Superman II, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Emily Watson
Gosford Park, Red Dragon, The Proposition

Paddy Considine
Last Resort/My Summer of Love, Cinderella Man/In America, Dead Man's Shoes

Take Three will return in February 2011. It will abseil down a mountain to reach you, just like James Bond.

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