3 December 2010

50 Words for Julianne Moore

Today is Julianne Moore's 50th birthday. Moore is an actress I've enjoyed seeing on screen for many years, so I wanted to mark this occasion and post up fifty - rather daft, all too hastily assembled - words that concisely sum up my appreciation of the actress and her work.

17 years. Been thrilled since Benny & Joon in a Dublin fleapit. Short Cuts stunned; Safe was the clincher. Magnolia cemented the deal. Versatility since has been glorious. Blindness, Savage Grace; tears on cheekbones. I always look forward to seeing that face. Happy Birthday Ms. Moore, you’re fifty years young.


Julianne Moore photographed by Serge Leblon and styled by Christopher Campbell for Blackbook march 2010
(These were my favourite photographs taken of Julianne during her 49th year.)

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