16 October 2011

Links to LFF: Pariah and Weekend

Here are my first reviews (capsules, for two somewhat similarly-themed films about contemporary gay life) for The Film Experience that I recently saw at the 55th BFI London Film Festival. Both Dee Rees' Brooklyn-based Pariah and Andrew Haigh's UK-set Weekend have been huge highlights so far. I've seen a fair few others (Martha Marcy May Marlene, Dragonslayer, The Awakening, Like Crazy... and with many more still to see of the festival's duration) and I'll have some words on them for both TFE and Dark Eye Socket in due course.

Weekend: Two independent, easy-going guys hook up and fuck. They make cups of tea (in mismatched mugs) and chat about love, life and the little things that make gays tick; all the while not letting on about bigger, bolder, heart-shaped room-sized elephants that might just get in their way...

Tom Cullen (left) and Chris New (right) as Russell and Glen in Weekend.

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