4 August 2010

Three Takes Only (Pt 2)

At times the post updates on here can be few and far between, but in the interim I'm often busying myself with my Take Three series over at The Film Experience. Here are more handy links, direct to the series posts, for instant perusal.

1 - 4 of the Take Three columns (Veronica Cartwright, Ben Foster, Thelma Ritter and Don Cheadle) are linked to in a post here. And the name links below take you to the other seven (with the three films I discuss) so far :

5. Miranda Richardson
Damage / The Crying Game / Spider

6. Jennifer Coolidge
Legally Blonde / The Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans / Best in Show

7. Radha Mitchell
Rogue / The Crazies / Finding Neverland

8. Peter Lorre
Stranger on the Third Floor / Casablanca / M

9. Kerry Washington
Our Song / The Dead Girl / Lakeview Terrace

10. Alan Arkin
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing / Little Miss Sunshine / various films (Arkin remix)

11. Anjelica Huston
Choke / Manhattan Murder Mystery / The Grifters

This Sunday it's Rosamund Pike. And quite likely to get the Take Three treatment soon are:

Grace Jones, Amanda Plummer, Christopher Lloyd, Alfre Woodard, Emily Mortimer, Margaret Dumont, Isaach De Bankolé, Michael Lerner, Jeff Goldblum, Anna Faris, Laurence Fishburne, Ruth Gordon, Dianne Wiest, Peter Sarsgaard, Deborah Kara Unger, Julie Walters, Anthony Mackie and Sterling Hayden. Plus many more lined up for the future.

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