1 March 2011

Review: Travellers (FrightFest)

Review of new DVD Travellers (out in the UK Feb. 28th) for the FrightFest website.

The first rule of Caravan Club is: do not leave your caravan unattended. The second rule of Caravan Club is: seriously guys, do not leave your caravan unattended... because a bunch of hapless city slackers will trash it and spray paint it with offensive words like “pikey scum.” This is exactly what happens to the mobile abode of a group of Irish bare-knuckle boxing travellers. Four city lads – Chris (Shane Sweeney), Andy (Tom Geoffrey), Dan (Alex Marsden) and Jon (Ben Richards) – make a stop on their motor-biking adventure weekend in the bleakest English countryside and find themselves on the run from the travelling clan in the deepest, darkest woods. Three scarper, but Dan stays behind to reason with the obviously disgruntled travellers. Bad idea. Whilst the others are involved in a cat-and-mouse chase, he’s tied up in the caravan with what they all assumed was the dead body of a woman. Needless to say, the trip doesn’t pan out with quite as much holiday cheer as the foursome expected. Sadly, TRAVELLERS isn’t as much gruesome fun as its plot outline suggests – although it does have its moments of grimly inspired action...

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