15 March 2011

A History of Cinema... David Cronenberg's Birthday

Happy 68th birthday to the one and only David Cronenberg, one of the true certified filmmaking visionaries. The imagery in his films has thrilled me for twenty-plus years and I'm sure it will continue to do so for many more. Each one of his new films - or even a repeat of one of his old films - is an event to be met with a grotesquely marvellous cheer!

Here he is below, shooting a scene from A History of Violence in 2004. (This link takes you to a review of the film from DarkEyeSocket in October 2008 - word of warning: it's in need of some revision and a judicious edit.)

He's currently in post-production on his 19th feature film (I'm including mini-features Stereo and Crimes of the Future) A Dangerous Method, due out later this year or early 2012. I hope he's spending his birthday in true Cronenberg style - plugging into an eXistenZ game pod, say, or surfing late night channels for the next airing of Videodrome.

Left shot: Videodrome (1983)


Right Shot: eXistenZ (1999)

Long Live the New Flesh! Long Live David Cronenberg!

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